During the Mesozoic Era, the Orosei Gulf was involved in the progression of the sea front. Its structure still bears witness to the changes which took place in that distant period and presents really high limestone cliffs leaning eastwards, amongst the most beautiful in the Mediterranean Sea.

Sardinia (Italy)The activity of the karstic cycles is apparent everywhere in the area. They have given shape to the carbonate rocks and have allowed quarrying activities and the extraction of construction materials. The latter are extracted from Jurassic deposits with industrial procedures that allow the extraction of a high quality material. 
Landscapes here are extremely wild and fascinating, both in the hinterland and along the coastline. At the same time lava flows are to be seen in this karstic landscape. This effusion activity of basalt lava was accompanied by relevant raising motions of the ground which gave origin to small tectonic valleys, such as the one of Rio Flumineddu near Dorgali, well kown because on its western slope opens Gorropu Gorge, an important tourist destination.


The location of the quarry where Orosei and Elmo Marbles are extracted and processed is southwest of the Orosei territory on the route S.S. 125 at km.220/300.