Orosei Marble is highly esteemed and widely used everywhere in the world. It is exported to nearly every continent: from Europe to America and Asia, as far as Israel, China and Japan. It finds several applications: inside buildings, with outside facings, urban complexes and the realization of works of art.

Our Marbles have already been used in Gucci outlets everywhere in the world, in Santo Domingo airport, in several trade centers in Saragozza and in the Golf Club in Singapore. In Paris Orosei Marble was used to embellish Charles De Gaulle airport, Lafayette Department Stores and the new underground.

Our customers in the world

Our customers in the world:
Northern Europe, U.S.A., Brazil, Israel, China, Japan, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates.

Several works embellish the squares of Orosei (NU) itself and were accomplished by both Italian and forign artists. Among them are: La ProsperitÓ ("The Prosperity", by Carmelo Lizzio, Italy), Il Tao ("The Tao", by Luigi Bacioli, Italy), La Colonna in movimento ("Moving Column", by Carlos Smoge, Mexico), Il Fiore di Orosei ("Orosei Flower", by Walter Mocenni, Italy), which are represented in the pictures below.

Esempi di opere artistiche

Orosei Marble is also found in more squares and buildings in Sardinia, such as - for example - the offices of the Credito Industriale Sardo, realized by Enzo Piano in Cagliari.

Use in street furniture