Orosei lies on the east coast of Sardinia, amid an extremely beautiful landscape. Today it has achieved a remarkable position both on the home and foreign market thanks to the marble extracting industry, which constitutes a conspicuous resource. Following the higher and higher specialisation of skilled workers and the updating of machinery and technology, the production of finished and semi-finished products has also developed next to the extracting activity. Orosei Marble is renowned all over the world. It possesses features of the most high quality that make it a resistent and versatile product suitable for a wide variety of uses, at its best with inside and outside facings and in great demand for decorations and the realization of works of art.

The "transversal vein" Orosei Marble

Thanks to the compactness of the material used, Marmi Orosei s.a.s. have been able to plan their working activity so as to obtain 65% of the product with diagonal veins on it (this product is also known as "a macchia aperta") and consequently have been able to meet the higher and higher demand from the market. This material is highly estimated and lends itself to the realization of architectural works of peculiar value.

General Features

Orosei Marble has the following general features:

Denomination: "Marmo di Orosei";

Origin: Sardinia, Italy;

Outer Appearance: fine grain, beige coloured compact limestone;

Recomended Use: all inside and outside surfaces.

Varieties of marble

Orosei Marble gives origin to several types of product according to the 
presence of veins or its lack and to the colour it takes on.

With relation to veins we can have the following varieties:

"No Vein": veins are absent or in little evidence;

"Transversal Vein" (cloud-like or onyx): veins are basically oblique with relation to length;

"Straight Vein": veins basically follow direction of length;

"Cloud-like": veins are not parallel nor regular.

In addition, each variety can take on a threefold colouring:




Main Technical Features

Weight per volume: 2,662kg/m3

Compression Breaking Load: 1,669kg/cm2

Bending Resistence: 147kg/ cm2

Water Absorption Coefficient: 0.324%